Chatroulette Online  Advice For Parents

If your kids are like most kids they are spending at least 4 hours in a given day on the computer. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and other social networking outlets have grabbed their attention. Chatroulette online chat is just the latest in a series of social networking outlets competing for their time and attention. If you’ve read the news lately you know that Chatroulette might have been started with innocent intentions, and indeed can be a harmless diversion for the normal user.

The problem that has parents around the world concerned is the fact that a great many Chatroulette online users are not normal users. In fact, it is quite clear that many of these people are very abnormal. And because of the random nature of a Chatroulette online session the user has no control over what image they will see with the first or any subsequent click of the mouse. The only thing they can control is how fast they leave. But for a young child looking at this site, it is already too late by the time they get there.

You’ve probably reached this article looking up information on Chatroulette because you’ve heard something from a friend or on the news about this new craze. If you’ve looked at any of the links you found you probably know that a great many of the video chat encounters on Chatroulette are extremely inappropriate for the young adolescent.

This is only one of many issues that face parents as they talk about the myriad of issues that face the average young teen or pre-teen. You have probably heard the usual recommendations, but they are worth repeating. If your child has their own computer, put it in a location that allows you to see what they are doing. Never set up a computer in their bedroom where they can surf unsupervised. Talk to your kids about the importance of not giving any personal information of any kind to anyone they do not know online. Explain that they should assume that things are not always what they seem. These conversations are as important as the conversations you have about drugs, alcohol and sexual behavior.

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